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Winter Solstice MISSING box (Dec '16)

Winter Solstice MISSING box (Dec '16)


This is the Winter Solstice box, but one item is missing!!! This box has no gold tree of life pendant. It contains everything else, just not that...

This theme was my husband's idea! I wanted something wintery for December, but not too cold, and not too festive either. And it turned out to be one of my favourites! I think it connects with my home of Scotland...

This box has a great selection of beads, from plated natural quartz crystals and an agate strand to Celtic and antler pendants. Definitely lots of inspiration to be found here!

Don’t forget that our past boxes are all limited stock. Once they sell out, they won’t be back! So if you’d like one, order today!

(please note price is in USD). 

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